Is Mise Cara / I am Cara


Do you ever wonder what happens in the afterlife? What happens when a child dies? This book told a story of one family's experience after their daughter’s passing in December 2019. Is Mise Cara [Irish Gaelic for ‘I am Cara’] is the story of a charming young girl who passed away in December 2019 after significant health problems including a brainstem tumour. Cara’s death seemed to open a ‘Pandoras Box’ of angels and spirits. Pandora’s Box refers to things that are best left untouched. The angels are beautiful yet mysterious. But who are these other creatures? Why do deceased spirits emerge, and what are their underlying messages? The spiritual guide and international, best-selling author Lorna Byrne plays a central role in the book. She advises Cara’s parents on how to deal with the supernatural creatures by focusing on the positive energies that surround them. Cara's afterlife has reinvigorated her family and provides hope amidst grief.


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Is Mise Cara / I am Cara is available for sell on a number of platforms (as e-book and print) including Amazon UK and

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