Dr Kieran Mervyn is proud to announce that Nigeria is the first location outside of Ireland and the UK for ‘Is Mise Cara’ book production.

The Nigerian branch of Is Mise Cara has proudly commenced the sale and distribution of paperback and e-Books under the auspices of Benjamin (Ben) Samuel Onawo, Board Chairman, Doxa House Youth Empowerment and Inclusive Development Initiative, and Daniel Nwosu, E&P Data and Project Management Analyst at NAOC Ltd. Ben and Daniel are two of Dr Kieran Mervyn’s ex-MBA and MSc students and most trusted colleagues. 'Hakizimana Cara' is the name given to Ben's recently born son, and has been named in memory of Cara.

Kieran is also fortunate to have taught and supervised many other Nigerian students and is very proud to see so many graduates excel in their careers. This includes Victor Thompson from West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited, Kamal Wahab, CEO of Emirate Shared Values Limited, and Samson Eke, Head, Engineering at Fenchurch Media and Broadcasting Network Ltd.

Father Emmanuel, a kind Nigerian priest based in Leeds, knew Cara in life and ultimately overseen her burial. He eloquently supported Kieran’s family through grief and witnessed the supernatural events during an exorcism at Cara’s home. Thus, Father Emmanuel plays a critical role in the book.

  • Print and e-Book: Is Mise Cara / I am Cara is available for sell on several platforms around the world (as e-book and print) via https://books2read.com/ismisecara
    • See reviews on e.g. Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mise-Cara-Orbs-Souls-Ghosts-ebook/dp/B08R45KK1Y
  • Nigeria: print books can be purchased directly from Benjamin Samuel and Daniel Nwosu in Abuja  and locations in Lagos.
    • Please contact Ben at +234 803 382 5855 and enquires can be made at: onawo.sam@gmail.com or ismisecara@gmail.com
Nigeria will soon be followed by Pakistan book production under the direction of Khalid Mukhtar.
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